IGlamify in Charlotte NC was founded in 2017 by an esthetician who believed that the market was lacking knowledge on how to treat minority skin. She was frustrated by the lack of awareness of the ingredients of common skin treatments and their effects on the skin. The need to educate clients on how to treat hyperpigmentation, melisma, and even skin tones challenged her to gain the best knowledge possible on the subject.

Driven by her passion for delivering the best skin care possible, the founder then learned about what her clients were using and how to treat their skin concerns. After that, she took the next step: educating her clients on what she had learned.

At IGlamify in Charlotte NC, that’s just what we do; we offer highly professional and accredited services by a licensed esthetician to exceed your expectations of skin care, all while educating you on the proper skin care techniques.


The owner of IGlamify is driven by her passion for skin care and her belief that everyone deserves to feel great in their own skin. She is a licensed esthetician in Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina; she is certified in laser and electrolysis; and she earned a CIDESCO Diploma, the most significant diploma for aesthetics and beauty therapy. She resides in Charlotte, NC and has one daughter.

owner of Esthetica Skin Bar